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Re: [T3] Half a Motor

> I'm finishing up a rebuild of a '69 FI AT Square.  Got
> it running this week, but only on the left side!  I
> can pull the wire on #1 or #2 with no effect.  #3 or
> #4 will kill it. I've got 30psi in the ring.  Timing

When everything is wired and working correctly, #1 injector should fire with
#4, and #2 with #3.  The firing sequence is controlled by the FI trigger
points in your distributor.  Check to make sure your injectors are wired
correctly (see FI wiring diagram in your manual) and that your trigger
points are clean.  Drag a business card through these points to clean them.

Are you sure your FI components are all there and correct for your system.
For example, it is pretty common for people to have all kinds of weird
problems only to discover later that the wrong ECU was in the car.  For your
'69, you want the ECU VW part number to end with "B".

> reinstalled.  The wires have been repaired before so I
> swapped plugs to make sure they weren't mislabeled and
> injecting in the wrong order.

Old wiring repairs are always scary.  If the repairs were make using crimped
connections, the connections won't hold up for long before something
vibrates loose or allows corrosion to get in and make the electrical path
resistive.  Splices should be soldered, and the unions finished off with
shrink tubing.  

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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