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RE: [T3] Gas/Exhaust smell in the cab

> Since you suggest that your car has been converted to carb(s?) then it
>likely that the jetting is too rich and this adds the smell of unburned
gas >to everything around you. Getting the mixture adjusted will help a
lot, but >this is time consuming, especially if you're looking at
converting to a >different system. What kind of gas mileage do you get?
You should get 22-25 >mi/gal in a 71, so if you're much below that, this
gives you a hint of how >rich you're running.

Yes, a previous owner did a pretty bad job of the conversion, too... I
have a giant box sitting over my engine, 'cause the carb sits so high.
Single carb, 2 barrels, centermount. Other than that, I haven't a clue
what it is...
I have never actually jetted a carb before... doesn't that involve
disassembling it?
I usually run about 15-16 MPG in city, with 20-22 on highway... though
if you believe my gauge readings, I made it from Lynchburg VA to
Greenville SC on less than a tank of gas not too long ago...

> One of the main sources of exhaust leaks into the interior is via
leaky >seals where the lower heat exchangers plug into the muffler. If
these leak, >then exhaust gas often gets blown forward and into the
heated air side of >the heat exchanger. If the heater valves are open a
bit then this exhaust >finds its way into the interior. This is a common
problem, especially with >aftermarket exhaust systems, where the ID of
the pipes is a bit too large.

This is another thing I'm going to try and remedy before next year's
invasion... put the Stock System back in her, try and get a bit better
performance that way. I'll go out this afternoon and take a look at the
seals and such... what would I be looking for?

And I'm fairly certain that my rear hatch seal is bad... just like all
the rest of the door seals... yet another expense, I suppose. Oh well, I
love her anyway. :)

'71 AT Square, "Tyria"- A lady with a Shady Past...

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