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RE: [T3] Not starting after long drives

On 4 Nov 2003 at 7:47, jason.smith@sarcom.com wrote:

> > It's probably just the fruits of my sinful life that I seem 
> > to have run into this a number of times.

> I have had this problem and my 72 was the worst also. Russ might be onto
> something with the Trigger points idea. Once I would clean the points the
> problem seemed to get better, but you know how that is, sometimes wearing
> blue makes problems go away ;)


I've often wondered about the points sticking, too, and that may sometimes be a 
problem, although I'd expect it more in the cold than when hot. I always try to 
soak a drop of light oil into the trigger point pivots whenever I have them 
out, and this generally seems to keep things free.  

Mercedes had a few D-jetronic cars and some of them also had this problem. They 
actually instituted a fix which consisted of drilling a very small hole in the 
side of the center stub of the pressure regulator. You were supposed to do this 
thru the inlet pipe/side port. The object was to give gas a way to flow BACK 
into the fuel ring after the engine started to cool back down, so that a vacuum 
could never develop in there and draw in air.  

The hole would make the pressure in the ring drop to zero when you shut down 
the engine, but that shouldn't cause a problem. The hole would bypass some 
extra fuel around the pressure regulator valve, but the fuel pump should have 
enough capacity to still handle that.  

I've never actually done this, however. I think I'd want to make a pilot for 
the drill bit and I'd want to use about a 1/64" bit. I think this would be hard 
to do without breaking the drill bit.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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