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RE: [T3] Not starting after long drives

> It's probably just the fruits of my sinful life that I seem 
> to have run into 
> this a number of times. I always start by replacing all the 
> hoses anyway, but 
> this doesn't always fix the problem. I've even tried 
> replacing the injectors, 
> thinking that the little valves in there might not be sealing 
> as well as they 
> did when they were new, but on that one car it didn't help, 
> much. My 72 was the 
> worst, and that's the car I broke down and installed the 
> pushbutton on.

I have had this problem and my 72 was the worst also. Russ might be onto
something with the Trigger points idea. Once I would clean the points the
problem seemed to get better, but you know how that is, sometimes wearing
blue makes problems go away ;)

I also have a similar but not the same problem on my 71, it does start it
just has a harder time when hot.  I did not have it that often with my 69,
but it had the bypass switch installed.

Funny thing is I don't know how much it has to do with heat.  Because often
I could drive very far, say a couple of hours and never run into the
problem.  I would only happen with short dirves for about 15- 20 min.

Even though installing the switch seems like a cop out, its better than
getting stuck sitting in frustration as the engine turns, draining the
battery until you are really stuck (ask me how I know :) I don't think there
is anything so frustrating as knowing you have done everything tune-up,
replaced the filter and hoses, checked all the wiring etc.  And still being
afraid to take your baby out for fear that it won't start for no apparent

Moral of the Story: wear your lucky color and install the switch.

Jason Smith
71 Square FI AT
Columbus, OH USA

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