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Re: [T3] T3 Auto Transmission Question

Daniel wrote;
>I knew there was something I'd forgotten: the carb balance tube with the
>extra port that connects to the vacuum modulator.

No, I have a large diameter piece of hose with a tee in it for the vac 
modulator. I'm interested in function over correct parts. I've been thinking about 
getting a regular one from Everrett, if he hasn't sold it yet (saw ad on the 
Samba). : ) But the one I currently have works good just like it is though, and 
I'm not in any hurry to swap it out.

>How did you find the carb linkage pivot? Did you have to import it?

No, it came with some stuff I recieved when I was cleaning up an old body 
shop about 5 years ago. I bought a bunch of stuff off the guy who was closing the 
place. He'd been collecting stuff since the mid to late 70's. I spent 3 days 
there loading up a truck and unloading up a truck (repeating several times), 
then another 2 months sifting thru the stuff determining what was good and what 
was junk. Kinda the same way I have 3-36 hp cases here and I've never owned a 
split window bug or a 58 Bus. Or the vinyl covered Wolfsburg emblem shift 
knob (similar to the wooden one) in my wife's car.

Bob 65 Notch S w/Sunroof
       69 Square AT-the baby suburban
       71 Square-now a 2 seat Roadster, under construction, now under its own 
Sue 70 Fastback AT

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