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Re: [T3] Not starting after long drives

Ya know.... in 20 years of T3 driving Ive never had a problem with a hot
start... I think he has a problem, if it were vapor lock or something
characteristic of our FI Id think I would have had an issue with it at some
I agree with Jim that the fuel lines need to be good, if there over 10 years
old the need to be replaced anyway, but if 30PSI doenst push fuel through a
hole I doubt 15PSI of air would get through.

Id stick a pressure gauge on it... see whats really happening, then maybe
you have an intermittant in the motor, do you hear it try to run when the
car doesnt start?

If properly working, the FI should be "issue less"


> > I took a drive this weekend about 40 miles, all
> > highway. When I stopped for about ten minutes,
> > the car wouldn't start again. Good crank, and
> > begins to fire up, but then doesn't. After
> > waiting about 20 minutes, it finally started.
> This is a common problem, but it has no easy or certain solution. It's
> to the "heat soak" after shutdown. This refers to the fact that once the
> is shut down all the heat from within the engine works its way out and
> into the surrounding engine parts. In the case of our FI cars, this causes
> the gas in the fuel ring to boil, leaving only vapor in those lines. Once
> engine starts to cool back down, a vacuum is created in the lines which
> then cause air to be drawn into the system thru any small leak that might
> available, including thru the injectors since they are not likely to be
> tight.

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