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[T3] Generator woes

>> While I was at it, I checked the resistance of my d+ wire. Red to
>> D+, black
>> to GND. Only 10-11 ohms (VOM WAS set to Rx1, and pre-adjusted) I
>> comparedthis to my new VR (uninstalled) and measuring across D+ to
>> DF I only got 18
>> ohms. Am I measuring the wrong place with this new one. Jim I
>> thought you
>> said they're supposed to measure 35 ohms? Any thoughts.
> What were you measuring? Was this the resistance of the VR or the generator,
> or both in parallel. The old style VRs measured about 35 Ohms to ground, but
> someone reported that the new solid state ones were less. I would expect the
> generator itself to measure MUCH less, more like 1 Ohm.

Sorry about that. I wasn't entirely clear.

I first measured the resistance of d+ when disconnected from the generator,
with the black lead to GND. In  this case DF was connected to the generator.
I got 10-11 ohms.  

Was that right?
Or wrong?
On my new VR, I just measured with one lead at D+ on the VR and the other at
DF on the VR, and got 18 ohms.

Was that the right way to measure it? Or wrong?

Regardless, the guys who sold me this bum generator are sending me a new one
free of charge, pending return of the crud one.
So all's well enough.

Mike Wodkowski

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