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Re: [T3] Brakes wont release

On 27 Oct 2003 at 15:25, KenSimons wrote:

> I just replaced the rear brakes on my '69 Square. My problem is; now the
> right side wont release far enough, its dragging, hard. I have looked in
> the holes, and they are adjusted out as far as they can be. I have
> already replaced the soft lines and ALL hardware along with new drums
> and shoes. What gives? Do these have different shoes, like a leading
> shoe? 

The shoes are all alike. The adjusters should be adjusted IN as far as they can 
be, at least to start. Look carefully at the slots in the heads of the 
adjusters. The bottom of that slot is NOT square; it is angled, so they need to 
be installed with the bottom of the slot facing somewhat upwards.

Make sure that the shoe return springs are all installed correctly and are not 

You may need to hone and lubricate the wheel cylinders if the problem is that 
the pistons just don't want to return smoothly. This is quite easy to do ON THE 
CAR. Lubricate with something made for brake systems, or use a silicone 
lubricant. DO NOT use petroleum lubricants anywhere that they can come in 
contact with rubber brake parts.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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