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Re: Electric Impact Wrenches

> All this talk of impact wrenches has me picturing Daniel snapping off
> and having to drill them out.

I was having the same thoughts and this was one of the reasons I am asking
what you people think of the idea instead of just going out and buying one.

I had to use a long breaker bar on my wheel lug bolts, which were insanely
tight. I think I probably had to apply perhaps 400-500 lbs. of torque to
open them.

Obviously if I'm right then the impact wrench wouldn't open them anyway, but
I was hoping it would open the top bolts on the front shocks. I was planning
to use the breaker bar on these too, but saw these electric impact wrenches
in the shops and thought they may come in handy.

> I prefer a breaker bar, proper safety precautions, and some PB Blaster (if
> rusty).

What's PB Blaster?

> On stuck tranny plugs:  If it's really stuck, I get under there with a 1
> ft. piece of pipe on the ratchet and just start kicking it.  The car is
> on the ground and the tires are blocked.  I also have a 17 mm allen-wrench
> socket, it makes it easier.

The idea of kicking the wrench to open the tranny plug never occurred to me.
I also have the proper 17mm Allen socket. It's a bit cramped under there
when the wheels are on the ground. On the AT, it's much easier to reach the
tranny fill plug when the right-hand wheel is off. I once read some great
advice; "don't remove the tranny drain plug until you're sure you can get
the fill plug out", so I haven't tried the drain plug yet.

Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic
Email: daniel@type34.info
Homepage: http://www.type34.info

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