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RE: [T3] Water leaks?

On 20 Mar 2003 at 6:33, Vlach, Joe -CKHS wrote:

> I checked the drain hoses, took them off, blew through them, looked through
> them...nothing really. I blew through the defrost/fresh air mech., all hoses
> and got under the dash. I noticed the p.o. used silicone to apparently seal
> the plastic fresh air "box" to the underside of the dash. 

Did you poke a stick up into the air boxes thru the 2 nipples that the drain 
hoses connect to? The air boxes often get crud collected on their bottoms which 
just lays there and blocks the hole, so that the drain hoses still can't do any 
good. You can also poke a rod down from above; just push it thru the hole that 
you can see from outside and it should come out the inner nipple. You have to 
do more than just poke a hole thru any crud, you really have to clear it out or 
the next time it rains the crud will all wash over to the low spot and collect 
over the outlet, blocking it again.

> This morning, more dripping water. It looks like I need to tear into the
> dash to take a look @ things. The question is, has anybody had problems here
> before? Is removing the fresh air box difficult? Is there a seal between it
> and the body?

Every one of us has been thru this. It is fairly easy to remove the air boxes, 
but getting to them is a hassle. They're just held up by 4 nuts and there is a 
rubber gasket around each one. The gasket is NOT the problem, however, because 
if the air boxes fill up with water the water will spill out of the air 
openings before it gets up high enough for the gaskets to come into play. The 
gaskets just prevent rain from blowing in and around the top when you're 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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