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Re: [T3] Reworking cylindars

Most of the Type3's that I knew when they were older had engines pretty
whipped by 80K, Seldom did they make it to 100K.  That being said, my
experiences paled in comparison to the number Russ has seen of course, and
the cars that had the engines die that yongue were not maintained well, were
missing thermostat's etc so it wasnt just the engines fault.  I doubt youd
find many of the engines you came across today to be virgin longblocks... so
who's cylinders are you trying to reuse?  Is there a good way to tell the VW

IVe burned holes in 2 Mahle pistons, one was the dreaded 88mm slip ins at
3500miles and the other was after using Synthetic oil.  I am happy with the
Cofaps I have now, but must admit that the cylinders looked a bit "Streaky"
when I looked in there at 44Kmi... but compression is still good at 87K.
Mahles seem pretty easily had these days so its nice that they are of good

Ive kept all the originals Ive ever taken off, so perhaps...

> >
> > OK... but what makes the VW cylinders better than the $100 cofap
> > I can understand the pistons being better... but they are generally
> > whipped after 75K or so.
> >
> > What do you like most about the original stuff?
> >
> The cast iron in the original cylinders was some of the finest cast iron
> I and many others have seen. I don't think they used any recycled metal
> in their cast iron.
> You say they are whipped after 75K miles. That is not true with the
> originals. I have seen them with over 100K miles and still show the
> original hone marks and very little ring ridge at the top.
> BTW, Cofap is owned by Mahle. Just like the company I work for is.
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> Russ Wolfe
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> '65 Bug (not running)
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