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Re: [T3] The 2004 Type 3 invasion!!!!!!

Jason wrote:

> Make that 6!  Count this Midwesterner and my Square!  I think we will be
>  able to make this trip.  But It'll be hard waiting a year and a half.

If all works out this weekend, you can add another one I hope... I'm
checking out a '71 square automatic on Sunday... If it's everything I'm
told and have seen in pics, I'm taking it...

Anyone have any last minute advice on what I should watch for? Body is
supposedly in good shape, very little rust... I'm looking more for small
detail stuff I should pay attention to... I don't believe it has been
started in a month or so (guy ran down the battery trying to get it to run
-- said it was a daily driver and was running when he got it), and I
notice the owner has been trying to sell many FI parts (hopefully not from
this car)... Any way I can make sure the car has the original dist, all FI
parts, etc? I guess just take a really good inventory? I would imagine
after sitting for a few months I should be figuring to already buy a
battery (the current one is dead), change tranny fluid, oil, possible
brake job, tune-up kit if I take it... Anything else?

I'll be giving him a deposit on Sunday if it works out and picking it up
the next weekend on a trailer. Maybe I should take lots of digital
pictures and study them over the week?


97 Jetta
71 Square FI AT (not yet, but hopefully)

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