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Re: [T3] Volvo caliper

Hey thanks for going to all  that effort Per! Well I suppose that if there
were the top anti-rattle springs fitted they could be the same or at least
similar, and maybe the pins are the same- difficult to tell from the pics.
They have curved lower edges to the backing plates though- thats different.

I found a company in UK that does classic brake refurbishment and lucky for
me they had just taken delivery of sets of mounting hardware for the late
Type3 calipers. They contain the pins and the top anti-rattle spring, but no
strange piston locating plate thingy.  They are reasonably priced at 5gbp
per caliper. They also quoted 44gbp for overhauling a caliper. This would
include new ATE rubber parts, new pistons (not sure about that), new bolts
and nipples and yellow zinc plating! Sounds really good value to me.

To add to my confusion on the pad dilemma, I went back to GSF and asked to
see some Volvo 240 pads. The ones they produced were completely different to
mine, and the ones from halfords! They were wider by a few mm and thinner.
They were also 15gbp instead of 5! I suggested that they were the wrong
parts ( they actually said "nicht fur volvo" on the box!) and they started
getting shitty with me telling me I should join a special club or something.
I told him I was- to the best ;-) and that they said they should work, but
by that time I was getting the usual "f"laps treatment for asking too many
q's and being too persistent. So I guess I'll stick to the golf ones and be

Mark Seaton

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From: "Per Lindgren" <lindgre@online.no>

> Mark Seaton wondered about the Volvo caliper that used the same brake
> pads as the 71-73 type 3. Well, here are pictures of the left rear
> caliper of a Volvo 240, unknown model year. The caliper seems a bit
> bigger than a type 3's caliper, and I doubt that the mounting
> pins/hardware is the same.
> http://perlindgren.tripod.com/volvo1.jpg
> http://perlindgren.tripod.com/volvo2.jpg
> http://perlindgren.tripod.com/volvo3.jpg
> http://perlindgren.tripod.com/volvo4.jpg
> PerL
> 73 Variant L
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