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Re: [T3] Adjusting front stabilizer bar

On 5 Mar 2003 at 22:47, Mark Seaton wrote:

> Thanks for the advice Jim- I didn't have time last weekend to look but am
> getting ready for this weekend. I'm wondering though if this will work. In
> the manuals it says hat to remove the bar you have to remove the steering
> knuckles and rotate the right upper arm to vertical to remove it from the
> bar. Does this mean that I couldn't drift out the bar with the arms in their
> normal positions- some sort of keying into the arm? This sounds like it is
> getting a bit too complicated and may mean a few days off the road.

No, you can drive the bar straight left with both upper arms in their normal 
position. To get the wheels out of the way, you will have to jack up the front 
end, and you will want both sides of the front suspension to come to rest at 
the same position, so that there is no torsion on the bar when you try to take 
it out.

The reason you want to drive it left rather than right is that there is a tiny 
cover plate pressed in on the left side. If you drive it out to the right it 
might get lodged somewhere inside that you don't like. If you drive it out to 
the left you will either find it on the floor later or you will lose it, which 
is no big problem.

> How comes none of my 4 different manuals mention checking the left
> side?- I guess that after 30 years the problems are different ones to
> the contemporary ones? 

I think this was something that the dealers checked even when the cars were 
new. Russ would know more about that. I'm sure I've seen it mentioned in one of 
my manuals, but I'm not sure which or where.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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