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Re: [T3] Update on fuel pump adjustment

On 22 Jan 2003 at 7:38, Big Al wrote:

> What I was asking was is the 30psi required because of the injectors 
> requiring more pressure to operate?

Oh, so the question boils down to "Why did Bosch choose a higher pressure when 
they developed the FI?"

I think the answer would be: Because you need more pressure to fully atomize 
the gas when you spray it out of a nozzle like that. The injectors themselves 
could have been made to deliver fuel at the necessary rate even at a lower 
pressure, but I don't know how low they could have gone

> as opposed to say the fuel return line or the carbon filter or 
> something else on the FI system?

The return line require more flow, but no more pressure. The carbon filter is 
on the gas tank vent line, so it doesn't enter the picture (and not all FI cars 
got it.)

The idea of a Low Pressure FI system is somewhat intriguing. I wonder if it 
could have been done somehow, especially in the K-Jetronic scheme where the 
injection is going on all the time (CIS.) It would be interesting to have a FI 
system that ran off the standard old diaphram pump.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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