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Re: [T3] Update on fuel pump adjustment

on 20/1/2003 6:02 AM, Steven Ayres at comwest@att.net wrote:

> OK, I've finally had a look at the exploded views of the fuel pumps. Just
> for everyone's info, there are at least three for carbs, all shown in
> Haynes. First was the cone-top, plastic-cover style with the flat,
> full-diameter screen (Type A, I'll call it). That was superceded in '66 (for
> the 1600) with the flat-top multiscrew style, which has a small, high-cone
> internal filter (B). Later (aftermarket?) there's the steel-domed style with
> a large low-cone-shaped screen, again full diameter (C).

OK, the one that is installed on my car is Type C.
> It may have been misreading on my part, but I wonder whether we in this
> thread have been sometimes referring to two different springs. There's the
> spring under the diaphragm, and there's the return spring on the rocker arm,
> which gets the mechanism out of the way. I'd expect that both of these
> matter to fuel pressure. We should also try to be clear on which pump style
> we're talking about.

The spring that I put the washer under was the one that operates on the
diaphragm, I didn't do anything about the other spring. As far as I know the
other spring keeps the arm on top of the pushrod, otherwise the arm might
bounce around.

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo
'71 1600TL


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