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Re: [T3] Update on fuel pump adjustment

BenD=> Perhaps adding the washer lowered
=> either the pressure or the flow rate-

I don't have a suggestion there, but the whole adding-the-washer idea is
still theory, remember.

OK, I've finally had a look at the exploded views of the fuel pumps. Just
for everyone's info, there are at least three for carbs, all shown in
Haynes. First was the cone-top, plastic-cover style with the flat,
full-diameter screen (Type A, I'll call it). That was superceded in '66 (for
the 1600) with the flat-top multiscrew style, which has a small, high-cone
internal filter (B). Later (aftermarket?) there's the steel-domed style with
a large low-cone-shaped screen, again full diameter (C).

The sections in Elfrink show different pump arms for Types A and B. The A
arm is  thicker between the push rod and return spring than the B arm. I
don't know what significance that might have. Also, the B pump has a second
sprung diaphragm on top.

It may have been misreading on my part, but I wonder whether we in this
thread have been sometimes referring to two different springs. There's the
spring under the diaphragm, and there's the return spring on the rocker arm,
which gets the mechanism out of the way. I'd expect that both of these
matter to fuel pressure. We should also try to be clear on which pump style
we're talking about.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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