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Re: [T3] AARrrggghhh!!!!

> I woke up this morning to the sickest site ever...someone had PLOWED
> into my precoius little wagon...: 

God I hate it when we get these messages. Really sorry to hear that, Ken.

Were you parked on the street? If so, getting it away from the traffic would be 
a good thing to consider.

We used to have a neighbor who had an orange square. Their house was on a 
corner, where the main street curved with their house on the outside of the 
turn. They had a drive where they could easily store several cars behind their 
house, but that drive came off the side street and he preferred to park in 
front of his house, which gave him a straight shot in the direction toward work 
in the morning.

Three times his car was sideswiped while parked in front of his house. Three 
times he got it fixed. Sometimes it was drunk kids, but more often it was just 
someone losing control on the icy curve. I once suggested that he might be 
better off parking on the side street, or in his drive, but his response was, 
"No thanks, too much trouble."

I hope you get your car fixed up like you want it again, and I hope you can 
find a safer place to park it.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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