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Re: [T3] 050 distributor

On 18 Jan 2003 at 3:03, Mark Seaton wrote:

> Has anyone had any experience with an 050 centrifugal advance dist? I think
> they're meant for the old Porsche 356s which had 1600 engines, and were
> designed to be set at 5deg adv at idle, 35 at high speed in a nice linear
> progression- 

I believe the 050 is a VW, not Porsche, dist, but if you send me the complete # 
I can verify that. If it actually gives 30 deg of advance I'd think you 
wouldn't want to set it much more advanced than TDC at idle.

> I took my dist apart (original vac and cent) and cleaned it all up, but
> still it goes over 40 deg at high speed (not sure what) if set to the
> recommended 7.5 deg adv at idle. Also I've noticed a definite steppy
> quality to the adv progression with a timing light. I'm thinking the
> springs are not right. 

What dist? What year and engine? Does this have vac adv AND retard? Sounds like 
your mech adv might be getting sticky. Do you know how to oil it under the 

Grab the rotor in your hand and twist it CW. It should twist smoothly til it 
stops and then snap back when you release it. If it is tight at all, it can be 
disassembled, cleaned and fixed up. I normally do this for $50, but you're a 
little too far away to want to do this.

40 deg is definitely too much advance unless you are also seeing vac advance, 
which you can NEVER observe with the car at a standstill. Your idle setting of 
7.5 BTDC sounds like it might be too high, but I'm not familiar with the non-US 
dual carb dists from the 70s, which I suspect this is. Dave Hall will know more 
about these.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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