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[T3] type 3s in the snow

<x-flowed>January 1st 1990, I decided to have another go in college. So I loaded up my 61 Notch to the window line, and both trunks, with all my worldy possessions and took off at 3am from Oak Harbor, Wa (up above Seattle) to Nampa, Idaho. There are 2 major passes to go over. The weather report was for rain, in the Puget Sound area and light snow in the mountains.

I get exactly 25 miles into my 500 mile trip and hit SNOW! And not the typical dusting, but 5-8 inches of it on the roadway! So, I pull out the old credit card (for the inside of the windshield) and put a blanket over my legs and keep driving. When I finally get through Seattle and start making my way up the hill to Snoqualamie Summit the sky really lets loose! It is still dark, and i get flagged over by a State Trooper in the chain up area. He and I are the only cars...

He comes up, asks where I am going, then asks if I have chains with me, because they are required from here on up the mountain. I get out and show him set in the spare tire well, he says, "put them on" and then leaves on a call. This is where it gets fun... I get out and realize that with my fully loaded notch, I cannot even get my hands into the rear wheel well arches to put the chains on! Well, I think to myself, "I am not turning around!" I get up, look, don't see a police car anywhere, throw the chains back in the car and drive!

50mph in the non used lane and the car never hiccupped! Not once! Everyone else, with their chains, was in the right lane making compound ice and snow and doing 15-20mph, I just drove anywhere that other tires had not been and scooted up over the hill! Other than no heat, and scrapping off the inside of the windshield constantly, the car was fantastic in the snow! I do have to admit, it was a surreal feeling in the dark, with a white out of snow in the headlights, to be driving along at that speed. But, it was a time to remember for a lifetime of Type 3 love.

And as an aside, if I had turned back that morning, I would never have met my wonderful, beautiful bride!

Brian Fye
1964 Notch Speedster 2332cc http://www.geocities.com/menacefye/
1964 Notchback 1500cc http://www.geocities.com/menacefye/64.html
1973 Squareback 1904cc http://www.geocities.com/menacefye/73.html

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