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Re: [T3] '66 fuel pump questions

On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 01:25, Westfalia wrote:

> In reading the to-'65 factory manual it states in a "note:" on page K3-7
> that  T1 & T2 pumps will have a spring wire diameter of 1.5mm while the
> T3 will have 1.6mm.  Further more it states that the 1/5 will be
> "silver" and the 1.6 will be "brass". 

> In disassembling the pump and removing the original diaphram there is a
> difference between it and the old stock Effbe rebuild kit spring /
> diaphram (MPE-80V2 if that means anything).  The old original one
> (diaphram spring) from the original German pump is a "brass" color and
> the wire diameter is at least 1.6mm more like 1.7mm.  The replacement
> spring wire diameter is about 1.5mm but more like 1.45mm.  The
> replacement parts are good "German" NOS parts, but I'm not sure they are
> T3 only.
> The question is, will this affect the delevery of fuel to the two carbs
> significantly(its for a twin carb '66)?  Will it affect driving performance?

I would reuse the brass colored spring, if it is in good shape. I think
that this is another case of the kit manufacturer selling a kit that is
supposed to fit all models, and it doesn't if you want to get technical.
Wire diameter is how we tell springs apart at work if they get mixed.

Russ Wolfe
'66 FB MT (It drove)
'71 FB AT 
'65 Bug (not running)

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