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[T3] Great Story!

As I told you in a direct message last night Jim, your story was
fascinating!  Thanks for sharing it with the list.
ÒMy Palomar Hill Climb

It was the winter of 73-4 and I was working in southern California for a few
months. I had a weekend with nothing to do and decided to drive inland and
visit the Mt. Palomar Observatory which I had heard about all my life. On
the map it looked like it was only about 60 miles inland from where I was
living in Carlsbad.Ó

IÕll pass one small tidbit about my car.  In the early to mid 70Õs in North
Dakota we had some extremely cold weather one winter.  Those winters are a
real test for any car, but my story deals with the legendary starting
reliability of the FI Type III.  One morning it was Ð41¼ (not wind chill)
and my car was outside, not in a garage!  I started the car after a very
slow one or perhaps two revolutions of the crank.  Only only two cylinders
fired at first and then after a couple of minutes smoothed out and ran
normally.  Once the engine was good and warm and humming beautifully, I
tried to back it up to exit the drive.  Guess what!  It was so frozen up
nothing I could do would make it move Ñ including hitting the real drums on
the inside with a hammer!  After a couple of days when the weather warmed up
to about Ð10¼ or so, the car would move!!  I thought it was fantastic it
would even start in such weather!

Paul Knox

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