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Re: [T3] Fuel pump not going.

On 15 Jan 2003 at 10:16, Mark Healey wrote:

> I decided to back trace the voltage with a buzzer to findout what was
> wrong.  I didn't have to go very far.  I put it in the connector for
> the fuel pump and it went BEEP when I turned the key, so I'm calling
> the fuel pump broken.

It is VERY unusual for a pump to just suddenly stop working, after it has been 
working fine on a regular basis. I've never heard of a single such instance, 
although Russ may have.

It seem much more likely that you're mistaking the results of your test. 

Which connector did  you connect to with the buzzer? Was the pump connected at 
that time? If not, it is most likely that the current drain of the buzzer was 
much smaller than that of the pump, so there was enough power getting thru to 
confuse you.

To do a good test,  get a clip lead and jumper around the pump relay, giving 
the pump a direct source of 12V. If it sparks when you do this you know that 
you've got continuity thru the pump, a good sign. If it simply runs when the 
relay is bypassed, the relay is bad; you can open it up and burnish the 
contacts (NO abrasives or files) or replace the relay.

If you get no sparks, first check all the wiring to make sure that it is intact 
and making good contact with the pump, then put the jumper there and take a 
small hammer under the car and gently tap on the fuel pump, all around it. 
DON'T hit it hard, just tap, tap, tap.... Eventually you should break the 
brushes free and it will start to spin. If this is your problem you should make 
sure that your overflow hose has not broken and allowed water into the gas 

It is most likely that your problem is a wiring harness/connector problem or a 
relay problem.

> Is this a replace type part or a fix type part?

The  odds of taking it apart and fixing it are poor, but they are EXPENSIVE and 
worth some considerable effort.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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