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Re: [T3] Quiet Pack Exhaust

On 14 Jan 2003 at 23:59, John Jaranson wrote:

> I just got my BugPack single QP exhaust in the mail for Sophy.  I am going
> to sandblast and paint the outside with POR-20.  I am considering dumping a
> bit into the header and sloshing it around to coat the inside of it and slow
> the rusting from the inside out, but don't know about the muffler.  Anyone
> ever cut one of these single QP mufflers open?  It feels too heavy and
> sounds too solid to just be an empty can with baffles in it.  Are they
> packed with glass or other sound absorbing materials?

I didn't think that they were glass packs. I've had a number of them which 
eventually rusted apart and I've never noticed any glass in them, but by that 
time you wouldn't expect to, regardless.

Will the POR-20 take the heat? It would be nice to come up with a treatment 
that could be used on OEM mufflers, too. BTW, the OEM damper pipes DO have 
glass in them.

What's your impression on exhaust rust in the midwest: Is it mostly from the 
inside or the outside? I think the California situation is quite a bit 
different from ours.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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