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Re: [T3] Production lines, was: T3PBO ... take 2

<x-flowed>Hi Guys,
I can add in worthwhile content here!

As for the waste of paint, The hose disconnects from the gun and only the
tiny bit in the gun head itself gets purged.

From my days as an airbrush artist, I can attest to this. I used either multiple paint containers (supply) or just had multiple airbrushes with dedicated-supply colors. disconnect supply and you only have less than a teaspoon of paint to waste rather than have a whole (color-designated) booth waiting.

By the time the painted body was rolled out and a new unpainted body was rolled in, the gun would be clean and ready for the next color.

In other theory, (hypothetical mode) why couldn't they have multi-color supply lines from the kitchen to multiple airguns each with their own dedicated color? (and proper maintenance would require each gun to be cleaned every few hours anyway)

and white each got 20% of the market.  They have historically been very
popular colors.

I know that this is hypothetical statistics for illustration purposes, but from the T3's here in Texas, I'd wager that Beige would have been the leader in color choice. Also since I have NEVER seen an original white or black T3 down here...

(maybe I need to add "original paint color" to the registry?)


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