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Re: [T3] snow chains?

<x-flowed>> Do people have suggestions re: types of chains (are there
different types?), fitting them, and driving on them?  Do I need them both
front and rear?  Any reason I might prefer taking a stickshift car instead
of the AT Squareback?

Well this is a fun thread! As a kid I would borrow the family car to "go to a friends house" for the evening. Yeah, I went there and picked him up, and then we'd spend the night driving around sideways! I miss the snow here in Portland. I never used chains in New England, but they plow the roads there too. They plow the passes in Oregon, but if it snows in the city it will be around for weeks, turning to inches thick ice. I highly recommend the cable chains, they fit nice and tight to the tire, don't flop around and are lightweight. On snow you can go 60 no problem (he he he). In the city, you can hit pavement on the cleared streets, and still have chains to make it into the neighborhood. You will not need the extra "paddle" of a chain link type.
Load your heavy luggage up front, you'll need the traction, and it will help balance your corners. I also recommend a stick shift in the snow. Not only can you control the torque to the ground better, but you can rock yourself out of a snow bank.

Peter Parker
'66 Square; Phillip
Portland, OR

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