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Re: [T3] snow chains?

My 3 cents...

I can remember dad using the chains in the Sierra's *maybe* once or
twice...mainly to appease my mother.  If you are experienced with a stick then
use it because you can shift much more smoothly and thus greatly reduce your
chances of breaking traction, particularly if you can double-clutch up hill
during those times of need!

I used chains, once, for about 1/4 mile and took them off because (on a
lowered car) they would lift up and hit the fender lip.  Yeah, don't go above
30mph with chains, they will beat your fenders to death no matter how much you
try to tighten them.  Also, make sure you practice putting the chains on at
home -- a couple times -- so you can do it quickly when the need arises.  They
can be tricky when your fingers look similar to the Ore-Ida fish sticks in the
freezer ;-)

As for my opinion, unless you are driving on nothing but pure ice and doing so
near the speed limit, you won't need chains.  In college I drove with three
friends to Mt. Ashland (the dreaded Siskiyou Pass for those who know!).
Chains were required or you weren't allowed to continue up I-5.  Soooooo I
turned around and took the old Siskiyou Hwy to Mt. Ashland...on street
tires...no traction devices at all...and made it to the top without incident.
Just smooth, calm, driving without any jerky movements.  Another time I drove
home from Idaho along Hwy 84.  They were literally closing the road behind me.
The dude said I needed traction devices and I said I didn't.  He let me go,
shaking his head and put up the barrier requiring traction devices.  Though an
extremely bumpy road due to the chain pattern the 18-wheelers left behind I
made it home okay, only losing my muffler somewhere along the way (it was
pretty damn bumpy!).

Rear engine, rear drive, plus any extra weight from gear/people will make it a
breeze.  The only thing I would worry about is heat -- traction would be at
the bottom of the worry list :-)

     Toby Erkson  --  air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
     '72 VW Squareback, '95 VW Jetta, '81 Gold Wing
     Portland, Oregon

----- Original Message -----
> Do people have suggestions re: types of chains (are there
> different types?), fitting them, and driving on them?  Do I need them both
> front and rear?  Any reason I might prefer taking a stickshift car instead
> of the AT Squareback?
> Oh -- and do they salt the roads in California...?!?

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