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Re: [T3] snow chains?

Check ahead for conditions, http://www.yubanet.com/road_conditions.shtml
Lots of sites available, this is a local one.

Chain controls;
First level: 2wd All Weather tires
Second level: 2wd with chains or 4wd + AW
Third level: stay home or 4wd plus chains on all 4

They set up road check points and check.

Caught without chains past this point = citation.

Check link chains for fit, then bounce up/down on bumper
to see if they rub. Even slightly different tire
sizes can be enough to cause problems.

If no working window washer, take something to
splash water on the windshield, you'll need it.
The sand has a lot of silt in it and it will
cover your windshield with muck and reduce visibility
considerably. Squirt bottles work well.

Way back when I drove my '67 Sqbk consistently into
snow country, my washers didn't work. I learned every
trick in the book on how/when/where to get other people
to splash my windshield to supply me water. Once 
you've graduated from this, go on to non-functional
wipers. A 6v wiper motor in a 12v car only lasts
so long before it overheats and stops working.

Jeff - living only an hour from the summit, 
but below the persistent snow line, where
driving in snow is an option, not a lifestyle.
'67 Sqbk

-----Original Message-----
	Wow, thanks for all the advice, everyone.

	Yeah, it looks like CA insists that you must use chains, so 
making the trip without is not an option.

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