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Re: [T3] Doors , and the elusive hinges!!!

 I am the person that got both pair of those hinges. What I don't think
anyone realized is the rarity of those! They are not early, 65 and down,
hinges but they are THEE Adaptor Hinges as seen on Russ' site. These are the
same hinges that any 66 and later Notch only would use, and the Required
part to install a Replacement door from VW or a later 2 bolt hinge door on
an early 3 bolt body!!!!!!!

 I had to make, yes Make, a right side set of hinges by grafting early and
late hinges bits together to put the nos '67 SB door on the right side of my
notch which gave me a rear view mirror mount. Whack, Hack and Weld. Plus the
lock pull up in the window disappeared and its accompanying bump. These
pieces are the factory stock bits. :)

 You may well ask what I'll be doing with these hinges??? I can offer them
to those that need what I needed, with the accompanying lower hinge that I
have to whack, hack, and weld. I can help those in need on early 3 bolt door
cars, or those later notchs with a wore out hinge.

 Tom's Old VW Home

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> Did you all see the NOS hinge parts that were FS on
> *bay.  Amazing the things that show up there.

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