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Re: [T3] snow chains?

No salt, lots of sand. Watch out for the heavy lines of 
sand on the lines between lanes. If someone crosses 
over them ahead of you, you will get a light sandblasting
job for free! 

Rear only, the CHP will check. They are stringent about 
the controls. Do not even think of bypassing them. 
Generally they are where you have a turnaround option.

I prefer stick, others prefer auto. Machs nicht.

Use cable chains. The large old style chain link ones may
leave you with clearance problems. Test fit them at home,
before you go, where it's dry and you have tools to adjust
if needed, and learn how they go on.

If you have to chain up in the Chain Installers area,
they do not have the right to chase you out of 'their'
area. If they do anything un-businesslike, get their
business license number (it's on a badge), report it
and they will be dealt with. CA does not allow them to 
mess with people who do not want to pay for their services.

Particularly in California, the greatest danger are the
rarely-drive-in-the-snow types. For the vast majority
of Californians, snow is an option, not a part of life.

The ones to watch out for are large 4WD trucks, they feel
that since they have 4wd, they can go really fast, yeah
right into the ditch, berm, adjacent car, etc.

A Sqbk is delightful in the snow, and drives and tracks
really well with the rear engine.

Anyone remember plastic chains? I still have a few
sets, and would use them if I got the Sqbk running, and
I couldn't take the 4Runner. Can't buy them anymore,
but still legal to use, though I would have to inform
them about plastic chains.

Jeff '67 Sqbk

-----Original Message-----
	Do people have suggestions re: types of chains (are there
different types?), fitting them, and driving on them?  Do I need them both
front and rear?  Any reason I might prefer taking a stickshift car instead
of the AT Squareback?

	Oh -- and do they salt the roads in California...?!?

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