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Re: [T3] Production lines, was: T3PBO ... take 2

On 14 Jan 2003 at 20:22, John Jaranson wrote:

> First, I have a  book called "Volkswagen: A Week at the Factory".  It is a
> collection of B&W photos taken by Peter Keetman at the Wolfburg factory in
> 1953.  It is a very good book, BTW.  Anyway, it clearly shows on page 69
> freshly painted bodies coming from the paint shop (that is what the caption
> says) and the bodies are coming out in no particular order as regards color.
>  You can also see in many of the other shots the bodies of the beetles being
> wisked about the plant on overhead conveyors.  The bodies are a mix of
> colors, not batched together. 

They still could have been painted on dedicated color lines and then merged 
into a single line.

> I also talked with some manufacturing and paint guys at work (Ford Motor
> Company).  Batch processing of paint was proposed and tried several times
> and was never successful.  Too much inventory sitting around if the batch
> sizes were big enough for it to make sense.  The solution, at Ford at least,
> was to have a paint kitchen separate from the spray booth.  The paint
> kitchen had tanks of paint that were kept full by the employees in the
> kitchen.  Separate lines for each color ran from the kitchen to the booth. 
> The painter in the booth would hook his spray gun to the appropriate line
> for the color of the car that was in his booth.  Spray away.  When he was
> done, he simply purged the gun and hooked it up to the next line for the
> next color of car.  This way the colors were sprayed in the same sequence as
> the body and chassis builds and the trim and final assembly.

Sure seems like this would waste a fair amount of paint. I assume Ford would 
have had quite a number of paint booths running in parallel, so they could 
afford to keep each booth running a single color, at least MOST of the time.

I hadn't been thinking about pressure feed guns. I LIKE calling the paint 
source the "Kitchen." It certainly makes sense to have a central location just 
keeping all the paint colors mixed and flowing.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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