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[T3] Door Hinge seals and door leaks...

In the process of trying to track down door leaks and get those taken care of, I was

looking at the door hinge seals. Where does the space in that tunnel (pillar) 

and fender lead to? Right behind where the hinges are? Is there an actual drainage 

spot, or does it just leak through  and/or gather (basically rust). Reason being until 

I can get some more seals (or silicone up the  holes) it appears I am getting a small 

bit of water in there. I just hope that water does not find it's way into the heater 


Basically what is going on here is water runs down the door & roof channel into the 

space between the door and body (some of it dribbles into and past the door hinge,

very little though), most of it dribbles (or flows if it is alot of water!) down onto 

door sill, and builds up in one spot, right above the heater vent on the doorsill

and if it becomes too much will flood right over that ridge/metal part that is raised 

& separates the outside and inside sills. I have cut a small spot in the seal that 

allows this buildup to escape now but it seems that if I wash the car or it is in a 

heavy rain it could still potentially buildup and overflow. So of course before I put 

any interior I want the car to be water tight (as much as a 40 year old car can be).

Notes: I have good quality, new, later-model seals, but I had to cut the hinge part of 

seal off so I could get the door to close. So the seal basically stops right at where

the door stops curving downward and then is at 180 deg. straight up and down, and then 

begins about 3 inches before the door starts to curve again at the bottom. So I know 

that's where the water is getting in. Also I do not have my door sill plates on yet 

either. Which would effectively raise the height of the sill basically right? I have

no idea how this will effect what is going on, other than if the water still gets 

trapped, will start to leak into the cabin even quicker.

Thanks for help/ideas/suggestions....anything.

Dave in L.A.

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