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Re: [T3] T3PBO ... take 2

> ..were T1's being built at Wolfsburg when the T3 and T4 were being made?
> IIRC, the German T3/T4s were built solely at Wolfsburg, with the US-export
> T1's at a different plant (Emden?)

I would have expected a lot of Beetle production at Wolfsburg through the
sixties.  Some Beetles were certainly produced at Emden in the '70s (not sure
when it started, but I've a VW timeline somewhere!), and even Brussels at some
point (for RHD), but I don't know how much that happened before the w/c models
came on line.  I'm not sure where the K70 and Ro80 were made - probably at
Ingolstadt as they were Audi designs.  I lose interest in the detail of VW
production at this point, for some reason!

My 1966 step by step Beetle production brochure shows one line of Beetles and
another line of mixed Beetles, Fastbacks and an odd Squareback coming down the
ramp from the factory, but I don't know how many more such ramps they had.  One
Beetle every 14 seconds and 4000 a day is quoted in the brochure, which allows
some down time.

It also shows that the dipped and two sprayed primer coats were applied
automatically, while the final colour coat was manually sprayed.  Doors and
fenders were attached for this.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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