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Re: [T3] T3PBO ... take 2


Hal Sullivan wrote:

..were T1's being built at Wolfsburg when the T3 and T4 were being made?
IIRC, the German T3/T4s were built solely at Wolfsburg, with the US-export
T1's at a different plant (Emden?) ... alternatevely, assuming T1 production
at Wolfsburg in conjunction with the T3 and T4, the ratio of T1 to T3 could
have been rather small.

Yes, T1s were built at Wolfsburg, but also in Emden and Ingolstadt and more than 20 other factories all over the world. Once again finding information in my old book (printed in 1967) I see that the Emden factory assembled type 1s for USA, from CKD kits which came by train from Wolfsburg. Daily production in 1966 was about 1000 cars for USA, assembled by approx. 5000 workers, while Wolfsburg put out approx. 5000 cars per day (1966), and had approx 48000 employees (1967).

It was also mentioned that there were 6 assembly lines at the very end of the production, which means that each of the 6 lines must have been putting out 833 cars per day. The workers had two shifts, one starting at 5:30AM to 2:00PM, the other from 2:00PM to 10:30PM. In other words, they had the production going for 17 ours per day, and with 5000 cars, that is no less than 294 cars per hour or 5 cars every minute! It really is hard to imagine the volume and size of the Wolfsburg factory!

73 Variant L

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