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Re: [T3] Shipping Windshield glass...

 Keith,its been a while since you bought glass lately huh? I paid 150 two 
years ago for a new windshield for my Notch with me installing it.

Dave wrote:
>I have aftermarket (thought I was getting orig. VW Glass) and my windshield 
>concaves in on the top left (looking at it) corner. Pretty sure because it 
is non
>OEM stuff.

 Most of the new seals seem to do this. It doesn't matter who made the glass 
either. On my old square I had the glass shop fix the corners because they 
were doing the same thing yours are doing, and They installed the windshield. 
When I did my Notch I also added some urethane to the corners, I used the 3M 
stuff that comes in a calking tube and is made for sealing glass to fix the 
corners. It worked very good. My wife's Fasty has been fine and we did it 
over 10 years ago with a cal look seal from WCM. And we did it in one shot, 
with no problems.
  I have also had stationary or side window glass shipped to me before. It 
really depends on how its packed, as to how it would travel.The side window 
or stationary glass is tempered and would be a little pile of chips if it 
broke. I had an almost complete car's worth of glass in 2 boxes shipped to me 
before, that was scary. I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       69 Square AT-the baby suburban

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