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Re: [T3] Front suspension play

On 13 Jan 2003 at 11:06, Earthman? wrote:

> I began to notice a "thunk" sound from the left front of the car a short while back & 
> stopped driving it. When I grab the top of the passenger side front wheel I can rock the 
> car and feel about a cm or 2 of play. This is a new thing & the driver side is still nice 
> & tight. I tried to feel play in the upper torsion bar & could not, but I was trying to 
> rock the car & feel at the same time. 

2cm is a LOT! I'd be careful driving this until you find the cause. If it's 
only on one side then it's NOT the upper torsion bar, but you should grab the 
top of the other wheel and yank it rather strongly, just to make sure.

> As it stands, I'm thinking either upper torsion arm play, toasted ball joint or faulty 
> wheel bearing (just adjusted those things, operator error??) but I'd greatly appreciate 
> the voice of experience. 

What year? the inner wheel bearing changed in mid 68 to one with a larger ID. 
If you have a late bearing on an early car it will do exactly this.

For ball joints, inspect the rubber boots. Your ball joints are probably fine 
as long as the boots are intact.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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