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Re: [T3] Shipping Windshield glass...

> Is the safety/cost ratio worth it?

How badly do you want it?

Depends on who's packing it, shipping it & how far. If I was shipping a windshield I'd 
have it packed quite thoroughly, and the ensuing freight cost would be pretty steep. I'd 
be very wary about anyone who wouldn't tack on a few bucks (20-30? more?) to cover the 
cost of materials & time of packaging such an item well (on top of actual freight costs). 
I can't help but notice the seller ignored mentioning anything about shipping...  

Also, keep in mind the shipping rates of a crated up windshield will probably be figured 
differently than would a more pedestrian package, especially if entrusted to the hands of 
FedEx or UPS. I *think* UPS' version of 'Dimensional Weight': cubic volume/166=weight, or 
actual weight, whichever is more.

Not bad otherwise, though it would appear that the reflection on the chrome trim is 
irregular, hinting at the unmentioned existence of "scratch & dent". 
Caution goes hand in hand with *bay. 

Just my $0.02 

C.Rochambeau 327/1600
~electronic manipulation's our specialty~

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