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[T3] Production lines, was: T3PBO ... take 2

<x-flowed>I'm looking in a Norwegian book called "The history of the people's car" right now, printed in 1967. There are 4 b&w pictures of the production lines in this book.

One picture show split window buses, of course no type 3 in sight, as the type 2 is made in the Hannover factory. Another picture shows finished type 1s coming off the production line, once again no type 3 in sight. The type 1 picture is of the 67 model year, when the type 1 was a bit different for the US market.

Then there's two pictures here. One is of a Fastback production line, where bodys without floorpans are shown. I can barely see a Squareback in the background, suggesting that they were sent down different lines at this point, where there is a possibility that the VIN numbers arent designated yet. As mentioned, at this stage the floorpans are not installed. What the fastbacks has here is windows, lights and interior. Three of the 4 cars easily visible are L models while one is an A. Not a single notchback in sight!

The last picture shows the finished type 3's coming off the line. In this picture the notches and squares are coming off two lines, in no particular order, and different colors as well. Not a single fastback nor type 1 in sight, so this picture may be from 1965 (big turn signals and bumper overriders on most of the cars). In the background of the end of the assembly lines there is a "parking lot" where a lot of type 3's are parked, not even lined up. It looks like they are just put where there's room. No fastback in sight, but I do see one notch, dark color and white roof. No panels in sight either, for that matter.

If I had a scanner at hand, I would get these pictures scanned. I can try to take pictures with my camera, but I dont know how good that will turn out.

73 Variant L

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