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Re: [T3] Type I Bosch Alternator

For the record, I am using a Nippon-Denso from a forklift.  My web site has my
write-up of the conversion I did and it also has info for the RX-7.

Because of the engine configuration it's been difficult to bolt-on an
alternator to our cars.  But as I and several others have proven, with a
little bit of work (and some sort of metal cutting tool :-) ) it's not too
difficult to have our cars alternator charged AND they WILL last!

BTW, your Squareback and drivetrain looks Bee-Ewe-Tee-Full!  Powdercoating or
     Toby Erkson  --  air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
     '72 VW Squareback, '95 VW Jetta, '81 Gold Wing
     Portland, Oregon

----- Original Message -----
> As most of us know, there are no kits -- the only option is to custom
> install an alternator.  It's not a real easy job, but there are several
> sources of information on conversions.  Toby Erkson of this list has
> conversion info on his WEB site.  Although he installed an RX-7 alternator,
> I chose to install a modified Type I, Bosch 55 amp alternator....  I now
have several thousand miles on
> this conversion with superb performance.....and NO problems at all!
> Paul Knox
> Pix Page:  <http://homepage.mac.com/pknox1/engine/index.html>

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