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Re: [T3] Alternators


John Gallagher wrote:

Good evening all,
Does anyone have any advice on converting from a 6 volt to 12 volt
alternator? To be specific, can you recommend where to get a kit for it?

To my knowledge, there is no kits available for converting a type 3 to alternator. You will have to find a small alternator that has the same diameter as the type 3 generator. I've heard that the mid 80's Mazda RX7 alternator will fit, personally I found a 50A alternator from a Daihatsu Charade that will fit. Toby has done a nice write-up on this! http://www.icbm.org/erkson/ttt/engine/gen2alt.htm

I have contacted Bill and Steves and they dont offer such a kit and everyone else has kits for type ones. Will the 55 amp Bosch alternator fit in the fan housing?

No, it wont. You may get it to fit by beating up the cooling tin with a hammer, but I dont think anyone on the list will reccomend that.

Price is secondary to what may come with the
kit. Are there any other modifications or headaches I may encounter when
doing the switch?

You will have to bypass the stock voltage generator, as alternators have a built-in VR.

73 Variant L

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