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Re: [T3] Help! '68 Sqback Timing Problem (long)

On 11 Jan 2003 at 12:46, garram1@swbell.net wrote:

> When I turn the pulley to get the engine to the point where #1 fires 
> the marks don't line up.

The dist drive gear is probably installed wrong. type 3s are different from 
type 1s.

> The pulley has 4 marks, three close together and one to the left of 
> them, like this   |  | | | 

What year? Oh, I see. A 68, so this would be a 311 905 205L dist, which should 
work well with any setup.

> Using a static timing light - the engine is timed at the far left mark 
> but the rotor on the distributor is one plug wire to the right of the 
> mark on the rim of the distributor.

That's the TDC mark, which should be correct if you're using a FI distributor.

> Finally,  the mark on the distributor rim is roughly at the 10 O'Clock 
> position.  This looks correct compared to the Idiot Book.  However, 
> the plug wire above that mark is #4.  Moving clockwise the next is 
> #3, then #2, then #1.  So it looks to me as if the engine is timed for 
> #3 instead of #1.  

Again, it's just installed in the wrong orientation, but it should run fine 
like this. The SP wires will be awkward, however.

> I thought about rearranging the plug wires and setting the timing for 
> #1 but the distributor won't rotate far enough to have the pulley and 
> the rotor line up correctly.  The vacuum can gets in the way.
> I changed the plugs, points, cap, rotor, and plug wires but it runs 
> just as bad as it did yesterday.  Anyone got any ideas?  I need to 
> get it running at least well enough to drive to work on Monday.

Is the mech advance working right? Is the dwell right?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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