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Re: [T3] VW 1218 Tester -- I have one.

Okay, here goes...

I have a tester and it's the same unit as the one here:

I brought it w/me to the Invasion and we tested it on a FI Squareback and it
appeared to work properly.  One of the tests (I forget which one) showed a
fault but the owner said he was having no FI problems.  So, it *may* have been
the tester or the fault was nothing major to affect the performance of the FI

Because these units are becoming very difficult to find I deem the units
priceless.  If it becomes damaged/useless there's no replacing it, let alone
finding someone who could even fix it.  Pelican Parts requires a refundable
$500 deposit for their rental so I would consider that the fair-market value
should the unit be damaged.

Getting a group of cars together and making a day of it is a great idea.

No too sure how to go about this.  I would feel more comfortable sending the
unit to Greg since I've know him the longest (since the beginning of this
little email club :-)  ).  I'll only charge $1 (one US dollar) for it's use
but because I'm still out of work I won't pay for shipping it.  I can find out
how much it would cost to send + $500 insurance.  Someone send me a money
order for that amount and I would send the tester to Greg.  Y'all could keep
it for a couple of weeks, test away, then ship it back to me (again, making
sure it was insured at $500).

On the business side of things, if the unit did become damaged you can better
believe I would expect to be compensated so who ever is in charge may want to
escrow away some money from everyone who shows up -- if the tester isn't
damaged then they get their money back otherwise...  So, along with the money
order for $1 + shipping the tester I would have that person return a simple
contract (is there an attorney in the house? :-) ).

     Toby Erkson  --  air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
     '72 VW Squareback, '95 VW Jetta, '81 Gold Wing
     Portland, Oregon

----- Original Message -----
> If you come up with a tester, we should make it a party -- I
> would be happy to host.  Derek? Lori? Any other locals with D-Jet...?

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