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Re: [T3] Fuel Pump Adjustment

on 12/1/2003 7:00 PM, Steven Ayres at comwest@att.net wrote:

> Cruising requires relatively
> little fuel, so the pump may be able to keep up just fine. But when you hit
> that big hill, your foot goes down and you start using more fuel. Now the
> float bowls are draining faster, the needle valves stay open and the pump is
> moving all the fuel it can, but as you near the top the carbs run out of
> fuel except for the little bit coming in and suddenly you're sucking air
> (actually running way lean), the car jolts because the engine is now being
> driven instead of driving, and you feel like you've spun a rod or something.
> You take your foot out of it and begin freaking out, and just as you're
> moving to the breakdown lane, the engine lights up again and you go "What
> the f**k  was THAT?"  That was fuel starvation.

I have never noticed anything like that going on, but I thought it would
probably go a lot better with the proper pressure behind it.

I haven't actually driven it since the adjustment, so I will have to give
that a try and report back.

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo
'71 1600TL


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