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Re: [T3] Fuel Pump Adjustment

BenD=> would my car run if the pump really
=> was putting out 1 PSI?

Yes, up to the point where you are using more fuel than the pump is
delivering. Remember that fuel pressure *replaces* fuel in increments as it
is used by the carb(s).

If you go three blocks, hit a stop and idle, the pump has plenty of time to
replace the fuel used while you were accelerating. Next you accelerate
smoothly up to cruising speed and cross town. Cruising requires relatively
little fuel, so the pump may be able to keep up just fine. But when you hit
that big hill, your foot goes down and you start using more fuel. Now the
float bowls are draining faster, the needle valves stay open and the pump is
moving all the fuel it can, but as you near the top the carbs run out of
fuel except for the little bit coming in and suddenly you're sucking air
(actually running way lean), the car jolts because the engine is now being
driven instead of driving, and you feel like you've spun a rod or something.
You take your foot out of it and begin freaking out, and just as you're
moving to the breakdown lane, the engine lights up again and you go "What
the f**k  was THAT?"  That was fuel starvation.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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