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Re: [T3] Help! '68 Sqback Timing Problem (long)

> The pulley has 4 marks, three close together and one to the left of
> them, like this   |  | | |
> Using a static timing light - the engine is timed at the far left mark

Timing on TDC (the left-hand mark of the four) is OK for Fuel Injection (engine
number starts U...), but wrong for twin-carb (number starts T....), which is
timed on the next mark to the right (7.5 BTDC).  Retarded ignition would explain
lack of power.  Check the vacuum advance can works OK too, while you're there.
I'm not sure if that distributor has any centrifugal advance - I think maybe
not, but Jim will put me right.

Official VW timing instructions and flywheel marks are at
http://www.hallvw.clara.co.uk/type3ign.htm , but your system needs to be stock
of course.

Some dismiss the retard of 3 degrees on the distributor cam for cyl 3 as
nonsense (or only used for pre-doghouse fan-housings on Type 1 engines).  I
don't know if anyone ever bothered to put the timing light on no.1 and no.3 to
see if there's any difference in the firing point.  Maybe I'll give it a go
tomorrow.  Normally it doesn't matter anyway, but if you're using a different
cam lobe on the distributor, it could be important to find out if there's any

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