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Re: [T3] Brakes, hard then soft, hard, soft etc...

On 10 Jan 2003 at 16:00, David Hornback wrote:

> My brakes began to engage almost immediately; with very little play,
> after I press the pedal. This is the norm now. However, once in a
> while, the brake pedal will go down further to engage, but there is no
> loss of stopping power or more effort required to stop, just more
> "play" before they engage. 

I find that this is usually due to a master cyl in need of rebuilding. The 
rubber seals no longer seal reliably and only "catch" after a bit of fluid 
manages to slip by them.

> All parts/lines in my system (except for the main steel line that runs
> to the back) are new. Someone suggested the "stars" for the rear shoes
> are getting hooked up on the shoes and not letting them go back to
> "resting position". 

It could also be a rear cylinder not fully retracting, or the same problem with 
a caliper. Is your MC set up with the necessary bit of free play?

> I am noticing a slight drag when the pedal/brakes engage very quickly.
> I do not know from what brake(s). I have disc in front. 

That would point to a caliper, wheel cyl, or lack of free play. Even "new" 
parts can give problems like this, since they have often been sitting on 
someone's shelf for a LONG time.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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