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Re: [T3] Paging Houston TX area Type 3's (Big Al)

hi Al and List.
I found lloyd via Anna and Nate (houston Area dubbers). I called and
talked first to Carol (his wife) and then to Lloyd. Real nice folks.
Lloyd was in business with Frank in a Surf shop so I guess thats where
his name came from.  

He still has the car, but it now has flames on the front, I guess just
to take care of road wear.
He his a 64 notch that sounds like a verry nice car. He is still a car
guy and said he likes to talk cars when ever he gets a chance. He said
he hopes to have the Deans freshen it up sometime. He keeps pictures at
his shop. He says he gets quite a few calls on it.
He knows Fred and Kennie, you of coures, and some other folks I know...
I don't see how I missed it all these years. I did not do a lot of VW
car shows, but I almost never missed the Autoramma... Karma I guess....I
would not have kicked it out of my gargarge...

Email me and I will give you Daddy Dicks email address. I don't have one
for Keith Dean, but I bet Dick  would give it you. I did email Dick back
with the info and That I found the car.. I also said I hoped the KID was
still keeping a hand choppin up cars... I let you know if he says
anything good back.

I hope you folks don't mind this, but it is a Type 3 only a darkside

Big Al wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> The car your speaking of is here in Houston.
> At least it was as of about 5 years ago.  I know the guy who owned(s) it.
> I have some pictures of it when it was with our club's display in the
> Houston Autorama quite a few years back.
> I'll give him a call and see if he still has it.
> the car I want to know about is the Convertible Notchback that Kid
> Dean was working on about 20 years ago.  Got any info on that one?
> Al
Richard (PapaG) Green

New Ulm, Texas

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