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[T3] Paging Houston TX area Type 3's (Big Al)

I posted this on a Internet Fourm where I hang out too.

On a wild hair, I decided to see if I could track down the KID DEAN
custom squareback. I found a email address for Richard Dean's dad, Dick
Dean, the auto Kustomizer, ROD builder, Movie car builder. So I took a
chance and Dropped him a short email and said I hope this wasn't a
bother. Here is his reply.

Hi Richard, 
Your e-mail to me is no bother at all. Yes, my son owned the red VW
squareback with the
chopped top and license plate "KID DEAN." He did the work himself and
sold it in 1985 to
a man named Frank, he can't remember the man's last name, but he owned a
Surf Shop in
Houston, TX. He's probably the only person in Houston to own a Surf Shop
so it might not
be too difficult to locate him if you want recent information on it. 
Best regards, 
Dick Dean
I have to say there are some really great guys out there. From what I
have found out Dick is retired, but still like cars and keeps his hand
on in practace.

OK now here is the kicker. I would like to find out if this car or the
guy Richard Dean sold it to is still around. I know we have some Texas,
and Houston Texas folks on the forum, so if some knows, "Frank" or this
Surf Shop, please let me know..

Richard the PapaG
Now a man with a mission.
PS I am going to email Big Al and the Type 3 list to see if anyone 

Richard (PapaG) Green

New Ulm, Texas

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