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Re: [T3] T3PBO ... take 2

> > However, the paper I found under the carpet in the Fastback had the body and
> > trim colours plus the chassis number and the body plate code, so they must
> > identified the chassis and body before assembly of the interior trim.
> Interesting, this implies a degree of organization that I did not expect, but
> perhaps I should have.

I've fished out the ticket and the chassis number (just the last 5 digits as the
initial one would be 0) is stamped on in red, rather than in black.
Unfortunately the left-hand side of the ticket is missing, but it has Farbe 8252
(which is turquoise metallic with alabaster interior); LD is 'EN'; BD is '1';
LFD. NR. is '521'; WOCHE is '41'; TAG is '3' (= Weds Oct 6th in 1971); KENN-NR.
is '413 3697' (the code on the stamped body plate);
'312  236'  (= RHD Fastback FI); (boxes 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 are on the missing part);
9.4 is '=D-1'; 9.5 is '102  236' (= M-numbers for HRW and FI); 9.6 is 'RL'.
Then the '31150' in red giving the last 5 digits of the chassis number.

If anyone (German speaking?) has ideas to toss in for what the other
abbreviations mean, that would be nice:-    LD, BD, LFD. NR., or 9.4 and 9.6.

Sorry to mislead you Jim, but I guess we can breathe a sigh of relief over how
much less organised they must have been!

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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