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Re: [T3] AT Pan Gasket

 > Anyway.... Since it was sitting a big puddle of ATF has accumulated.  I
> able to get a pan gasket after calling around..... it looks like it is
> out of the same stuff that that valve cover gaskets are made of (cork and 
> rubber).  Is this the right one????  Also, it appears the previous owner 
> applied that orange silicone stuff all around the gasket it has on right 
> now..... do I need to put some of that stuff on too???  And finally, how 
> tight do the bolts have to be when I put them back in??

The AT gasket that I got from NAPA is just rubber, but I think the one you
have may be correct (especially if it fits).
Does anyone know a source for these?

>Make sure that the pan is flat in the bolt hole areas, and DO
>NOT over tighten the bolts. There is a torque spec. on these bolts, and
>it is not much. It is in inch pounds. Look it up in the Bentley manual.

According to Bentley it is: "Working diagnolly, tighten the pan screws to
1mkg (7 ft. lb.). Wait five minutes for the new gasket to compress, then
retorque the screws.  Repeat this sequence several times until the screws
remain at torque."
And Never torque over 1 mkg (7 ft. lb).

Jason Smith
71 Square FI AT
72 Fasty FI AT

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